Sustainable Palm Oil & Social Media

Creating a positive narrative to help transform the market

Since its start, EPOA has focused on raising awareness for sustainable palm oil and provide fact based information. In 2020, EPOA has intensified its social media activities in order to reach a wider audience specifically food producers, policy makers and NGOs. 

Social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter are important platforms for these audiences. As most users visit one of these platforms daily, they provide a great way to reach out and share balanced information that acknowledges the hurdles but also provides the positive stories and the successes made in transforming the market for sustainable palm oil.

Recognizing the power of consumers in transforming the market and considering the increase in public debate on palm oil in the past few years, we have added consumers to our mix of target audiences. Many consumers are aware of the negative stories around conventional palm oil, but few are aware of the existence of sustainably produced palm oil, or the great progress in its market makeover.

With a strong website strategy and activation, search results on the internet now not only show the negative stories of conventional palm oil, but also provide space for the positive narrative of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. With our Instagram account we have created a place where people can quickly learn more about sustainable palm oil and its developments. And by reaching out to and collaborating with influencers, we ensure that the positive narrative is told by more and more people.

Sustainable palm oil is produced without deforestation, boosts socioeconomic development, and helps fight poverty and can also easily fit in a nutritionally balanced diet. We believe that a more objective and easy to understand narrative will help consumers appreciate the positive developments in the countries where palm oil is produced and increase the demand for products made with sustainable palm oil. 

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