Collective call on the EU to address deforestation

EPOA has endorsed the paper on deforestation by the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) that was issued 9 December 2020. We share the vision of TFA and other stakeholders that a smart mix of mutually reinforcing measures is needed to protect our forests. Together with more than 50 companies, NGOs and industry bodies we urge the EU and its member states to take more action to protect and restore the world’s forests. Only collaboration can solve the complex challenge of deforestation. Read the paper here.

Article on palm oil intake published

In close cooperation with EPOA, Exponent carried out a study on palm oil intake. The article ‘The estimated intake of palm oil in Spain and Germany’ was published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition 1 December 2020. A detailed intake assessment of palm oil for Spain and Germany was conducted. For Spain, mean palm oil intakes ranged from 2.06 g/day in the elderly to 4.54 g/day in children and adolescents, while high-level intakes ranged from 10.34 g/day in the elderly to 20.88 g/day in toddlers. For Germany, mean palm oil intakes ranged from 3.06 g/day in toddlers to 6.22 g/day in the very elderly, while high-level intakes ranged from 13.61 g/day in toddlers to 30.10 g/day in the elderly. For both countries, the main contributing food categories to mean palm oil intake were biscuits, cakes, bread, breakfast cereal and margarine. In summary, the paper provides a realistic assessment of the intake of palm oil in two EU countries for different population groups. If you are interested in a copy of the publication you can contact Imkje Tiesinga.

EPOA exhibition booth at POTS 2021

EPOA has set up a digital booth at POTS 2021. The international conference for local and international palm oil industry stakeholders organized by MPOC takes place from 5 to 7 January 2021. The virtual conference brings together world-renowned oils and fats industry leaders and experts to deliberate on the latest market developments and opportunities. The conference also includes technical papers and debates on hot topics such as sustainability, biodiversity, health/nutrition, and wildlife conservation. With POTS Digital 2021, consumers all around the globe will be able to enjoy engaging content such as celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, informative videos, recipes, and much more. EPOA will showcase its promotion material via this virtual platform to this global audience. 

Good reads

In a recent publication in the journal Nature Plants researchers from seventeen countries across six continents provide an overview of the environmental and biodiversity effects of palm oil and compares these to other crops such as rapeseed, soybean and sunflower. The most important conclusion is that while we are relatively well-informed about the impact of palm oil production, we know very little about that of the other crops. Based on the research one of the scientists shines a new light on the sustainability of palm oil in this article on the website of Wageningen University & Research.

A University of Bath study, referred to in this article, compared palm oil to potential alternatives such as sunflower and soybean oil. It found that these crops required more land, water and fertiliser, lower productivity, shorter lifespans and store less CO2 emissions.

Goodbye Taco

As of September 2019, illness prevented Margot Logman from performing her duties as Secretary General of EPOA. Fortunately, EPOA quickly found a capable replacement in Taco Kuiper - as interim manager. Thanks to Taco and the team, a lot was achieved as EPOA in 2020 and a structure and strategy was also set up for 2021. We are very happy that Margot is 100% back, fit and full of energy since last November. Since 7 December, Margot has resumed all her responsibilities as Secretary General of EPOA. Taco has handed over its duties and will continue to support the EPOA team where necessary until the end of December this year. The board and team of EPOA would like to thank Taco for his efforts, energy, structure and collegiality and wish him the best of luck!