Banning palm oil is not the solution, sustainable palm oil is!

EPOA response to ‘Iceland’s ban on palm oil

12 April 2018, EPOA expressed its surprise and concern about the initiative by the UK retailer ‘Iceland’ to remove palm oil from their privately owned brands.

EPOA stressed that the signal provided by ‘Iceland’ is counterproductive to the overall market conversion towards more sustainable palm oil.

At EPOA we believe that in the face of environmental or social problems related to palm oil, we should cooperate throughout the supply chain to solve the problems, keeping in mind the bigger picture.

Simply banning palm oil is providing the wrong signal.

If Iceland would like to guarantee their consumers that there is no link to deforestation, we invite them to work together to make sustainable palm oil a reality and effectively halting deforestation related to palm oil. Not move away.

Banning palm oil is not the solution. Sustainable palm oil is.

Please find the full EPOA-statement on our website.